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    Universal frame

    for functional

    training and workout



Versatility for streets and halls

Open training in our time is becoming more popular and in demand, and with good reason. Studies show that more and more people prefer fresh air, sunlight and a sense of closeness to nature. This poses a serious problem for manufacturers of fitness equipment, simulators for training which can not withstand changing weather conditions. Punto fit – functional frame, made of galvanized metal, and can withstand any weather testing.


Variety of activities

Punto fit is not just a construction! This is an opportunity to release your energy, your inner beast. This is the strength,resoluteness and primordial instinct of victory. We have created a universal product for your workouts. It is suitable for both classes in the gym and in the open air. It does not matter which sport you prefer: crossfit, workout, yoga, weightlifting, boxing – Punto fit will suit everyone!


Complex solution for the organization of a sports ground

ЛAny sports ground is primarily a public zone. Therefore, in addition to special equipment, ordinary small forms are also required here: benches, urns, bicycle parks. Over the years, we have participated in the implementation of many public spaces (parks, streets, pedestrian areas, squares, courtyards). From the extensive collection of small architectural forms we have chosen the most suitable for sports grounds and included them in the catalog.


Durability of materials used

Our many years of experience in the design and manufacturing of metal structures allows us to achieve impressive results in reducing operating costs. The materials used correspond to high quality standards. All metal elements are galvanized – covered with a thin layer of zinc oxide, which gives the steel a high corrosion resistance. Due to the protective layer, this material does not require additional processing and special care. Further on the metal is applied architectural powder coating, which provides additional protection against corrosion. All wooden elements are made of heat-treated wood.


No age restrictions

Punto fit is designed with maximum efficiency and productive capacity — it represents the perfect “weapon for training”! The unit is suitable for professional sports teams, campuses, sports centers and the corporate world. It can also be installed in the courtyard of a residential complex or on private property. The Punto fit frame is suitable for sports of people of all ages.



Punto design is a Russian design bureau, founded in 2012. The main activity is the development and production of small architectural forms (benches, urns, vases, bicycle parks, anti-park columns, facade systems, fences, sculptures).

We took part in the reconstruction of the Gorky Park, VDNH, the Gardeners Park, the “My Street» program of the Moscow government, and many other state and commercial projects.

Contacts :

Andrey Yarkov

Head of Development Department
+7 (4942) 65-51-91 ext. 107

+7 910 191-79-08


Ekaterina Udalova

Project manager
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+7 903 898-42-44


Ekaterina Bordukova

Head of Sales Department
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